Public good
      1Information on donation to disastrous areas,specific way and quantity of donation.

              Information on donation to disastrous areas (donated fund and donated materials to Indian Ocean Tsunami, snow disaster in Shaoguan and Ruyuan as well as Wenchuan Earthquake area), specific way and quantity of donation.

              In 2003, the Company donated RMB15202.5 to Guagzhou Education Federation; it participated in joint donation to Baise City along with Donghuan Street, Guangdong, accounting for RMB7606 in 2004, there was donation to employees and family members suffering Chuandong Gas Mine natural gas blowout accident at an amount of RMB42300; in 2005, it donated RMB32307 to the Indian Ocean Tsunami; it donated 1828 suits of clothing to blowout accident disastrous area in Sichuan; in 2006, it donated RMB30000 to Wuhua City affected by Severe Tropical Storm Bilis, donated to disastrous areas in the north of Guangdong at an amount of RMB39063.2; in 2007, it made donation to Panyu Charity Federation at an amount of RMB18251.9; in 2006 and 2007, it made donation to villages around Conghua at an amount of RMB42640 supporting 80 students, and 44 households in difficulty; in 2008, it made donation of RMB300000 for “frost resistance and disaster relief”; it made donation for three times earlier or later for “earthquake relief” totaling RMB170973.70; it joined efforts with Donghuan Subdistrict organizing theatrical performance evening party for employees suffering the disaster, and had sympathy performance for more than 350 employees from Sichuan Province. It organized a sympathetic visit to 87 employees affected by the earthquake disaster totaling RMB107300; in 2008, it organized more than 230 employees participating in the charity football performance organized by Guangdong Wanli Celebrity Football Club, and the Company donated RMB200000 on the site, and by donation from social groups and individuals, the raised charity fund during the activity mounted to RMB500000. In August 2009, it organized donation to disastrous areas in Taiwan totaling RMB41670.10; in 2010, it made donation to the flood disaster at Makeng Village, Magui Town, Gaozhou City as the constantly supported village totaling RMB33712.8; from 2010 to 2011, it raised a total fund of RMB53225.2 to Panyu District Education Foundation; in June 2012, it made donation of RMB11145.60 to to Panyu District Charity and Guangdong Day of Poverty Support and Difficulty Relief · Guangzhou Day of Charity; and in 2014, it made donation of RMB25491.40 to orphans at Songzhu Village, a constantly supported village.

      2Building hope primary school (Wanli Xindi Dongshan Primary School)

              Since 2001, the Company has been supporting the development of areas in poverty in Guangdong. It invested RMB230, 000 in the establishment of Wanli Xindi Dongshan Primary School in Ruyuan mountainous area of Shaoguan. The new school building becomes exceptionally eye-catching in the poor mountain area. In the period from 2001 to 2003, it offered 270 pupils in difficulty at the primary school, with the amount up to RMB107250. Each Children’s Day from 2004 to 2009, the Company delivered articles for study and sports worth RMB8500, and each year it gave subsidy worth RMB3000. In 2013, together with local distributors, it donated to Yanba Township Center Primary School 725 suits of winter school uniforms, two computers, sports articles as well as more than 1000 books donated by its employees, and other materials. It helped parents of 10 excellent students in poverty by offering RMB18000 as livelihood allowance for the latter half of 2013 until these 10 pupils graduate from colleges and universities.

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